we create , we care

Established in 2003, Benswell Group become one of the leading professional knitted garment producer in market

We produce knitwear for women, men and kids as well as knitted accessories.

We supply our client's order professionally and punctually and most importantly at the right price

We are extremely proud of the work that our outstanding merchandising team and production control team have done over the past 15 years, and we will continue to expand into new areas while envisioning products that are market - focused, competitive, conmmercial and of excellent quality.

With you we creat, for you ware

since 2003
15 merchandisers

2 factories
500 workers

200.000 pcs per month
45 to 90 days leadtime

Our factories are located in both JX and DG, enabling us to provide various services to support our customers.

knitting machine:
300 sets 1.5G - 14G

linking machine:
600 sets

200.000 pcs/m

45 - 90 days

special workmanship:
beading. rhinestone etc.

acrlic wool,silk,linen blended

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Audit Id : 125929

Head Office and Showroom
7 Floor , LiFeng Commercial Building , 34 ChangPing
Da Dao , ChangPing Town, DongGuan City,
GuangDong, China
Business Register Nr. : 914419000767143684

Benswell (DG) Knitting Factory   JiaoYu Rd. HuanZhuLi, ChangPing Town, DongGuan City, GuangDong, China

Business Register Nr. : 91441900323241431T
Customs Code: 44199648E8

Benswell (JX) Kniting & Garment Co.                                Industrial Rd. YuDu Industrial Zone, YuDu Country, JiangXi, China

Business Register Nr. : 913607315816023404
Customs Code: 3607961528