Benswell family
About our company
Established in 2003, benswell group has become one of the leading professional knitted garment producer in china, meeting the challenges of a changing market. we produce knitwear for women, men and kids as well as knitted accessories. we supply our clients’ order professionally and punctually and most importantly at the right price.
We are extremely proud of the work that our outstanding merchandising team and production control team have done over the past 15 years, and we will continue to expand into new areas while envisioning products that are market-focused, competitive, commercial and of excellent quality
Our mission
Benswell is dedicated to constantly deliver new and creative concepts that innovate the design process as well as the finished garment design. benswell will deliver the highest quality in services and finished garment production. benswell will continue to assist its valuable  customer’s through the design process and provide superb  manufacturing. with innovation and sustainability in mind, benswell will meet the needs of its clients while ensuring a sustainable approach to its growth for its  future
Our vision
Through our dedication to our customers we are constantly innovating each and every process of customer relations as well as manufacturing. we envision a future were technology will be integrated in our services on all levels to ensures that our goals are met. from 3d and virtual fittings to smart innovation in our manufacturing. These innovations and improvements will aid us in our pursuit of sustainability!
Our ambition
Benswell is striving to be an exemplary company that will be more than just a quality manufacturer, but also be a shinny example for the knit industry to follow by its example. benswell will strive to innovate and establish itself as a well know brand, one that is a respected by all in the knit wear sector. the benswell motto is constantly improve on sustainability and quality service and so the benswell brand will become synonymous with trust,  innovation and reliability
Benswell teambuilding
As part of our company filosofy we care a great deal for our employees. we belief that our products are the result of good team work and see our employees as one big family. as part of this we frequently orginize teambuilding trips were we learn, enjoy and experience growth as a team and as individuals.
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John Dow
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John Dow
MS. Sara Lin
(Marketing Manager)